Condiciones de Garantía


The warranty will be valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, as established by Warranty Law. All accessories (cables, power adapters, cases, etc.) will have a warranty period of 6 months. For the warranty to be valid, the receipt or purchase invoice, stating the date of sale and both user and product details, must be attached. The warranty will cover the free replacement and repair of any components with manufacturing defects. In the event of repair costs exceeding the cost of the product itself, the product will be replaced by a product with equal or superior characteristics. In such cases, the warranty will be valid for up to two years from the initial purchase of the product. Under Warranty Law, the warranty period will be suspended during repair until the repair work is completed. From the repair date of the product out of warranty, the product will be covered for six months under warranty law provided that the same breakdown occurs again. Otherwise, the client will be informed. If a necessary replacement part is not available, the repair and delivery period shall not exceed more than one month for imported products. The length of the repair time must be within a time frame deemed acceptable.


All units that have the following defects will immediately lose their factory warranty and, if necessary, the client should be informed for their subsequent acceptance and repair.
  • Internal/external manipulation of the unit without the manufacturer’s permission.
  • Software changes, rooting of the unit, attempts to install software pertaining to other manufacturers or unofficial pages not related to the brand itself.
  • Installing applications that may affect the correct operation of the unit, such as reducing the telephone’s speed, making unintended calls, sending SMS, etc.
  • A total or partially broken touch screen or LCD.
  • Breakage due to incorrect use of the fingerprint sensor.
  • Broken internal connection of the Micro USB due to the external manipulation or incorrect use.
  • Broken internal connection of the connector Jack audio output due to external manipulation or incorrect use.
  • Broken internal battery connector due to the external manipulation or incorrect use.
  • Activated internal humidity indicators/sensors.
  • Impact damage or rough handling of the unit (falls, excessive pressure caused by a phone case, excessive cold due to freezing, excessive heat, etc.)
  • External agents that may affect the unit and its correct operation.
  • Effects caused by water, sand, general dirt, abrasive agents, storms, power surges, etc.